Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let the Man Be The Man

Detroit was supposedly considered an elite team when the season started, however their record shows the opposite of what the fans expected. A record of 15 wins and 26 losses, this was not what Detroit fans expected them to be in.

But for the past 3 games, their has been a coaching adjustment, because of this adjustment they have won the last 3 games destroying teams like, TOR, SAC and DAL. The biggest reason for this win is that they let T-mac start the point guard role.

T-mac, in the past years, even at his prime brings the ball whenever they are in the offensive position. When he was in Orlando and Houston, there were top point guards who could bring the ball, but he chose to do this, why? it is because this is how he plays the game.

Mcgrady's current team completely forgot his potential capabilities, yes he has been injured the past 2 years, yes, he has a history of authorization conflicts, but have they forgotten that he is just 31 years old?

At 31, i strongly believe they are still at their prime, so why not give him the ball? why not let him be the go to guy again? Is it because he had knee problems that is why they think he is incapable of reaching the elite status again?

Their a many good P/Sg guards surrounding Mcgrady's position, if he plays the 2 guard he has to share his playing time with RIP or B Gordon, if he is at point guard, he faces the promising R. Stuckey and the elusive Bynum. But none of them led a team 22 strait wins, none of them was a two time scoring champ and a regular all star, so why is it that he isn't the go to guy right now?

Soon there will be a roster overhaul as soon as the Melo trade takes off, but for now, their coaching staff must think and remember that they have an elite player that needs to shine again.


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