Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Era in Chicago But the Jersey Number He is Wearing Lately Has Some History

Derrick Rose is one of the most explosive point guards in the NBA today. Currenty his been averaging double doubles, and he is considered to be one of the top candidates for MVP.

Chicago has not seen such an explosive player after the Jordan era, now with a new coach, an improved inside offense, the Bulls are one of the top teams in the East.

But as explosive as D Rose is, He's strength, agility and finesse might be another one of those explosive Superstars that wear the jersey 1 who in the long run got injured and unfortunately slowed their careers down.

Here are lists of of superstars that you might know who wore the jerseys and had bad injuries or worse:

1. Anfernee "Penny" Hard away -

He was expected to be one of the elite superstars that might have reached the hall of fame, if he hadn't have that knee injury that slowed his career down and eventually forced him to retire early.

2. Muggsy Bogues -

The shortest player who ever entered the NBA. He was a superstar at his prime, unfortunately injuries keep coming in and ended his career.

3. Terell Brandon -

At one point in his career he was noted to be the best point guard in the league in the mid 90's. However, When he started to wear the same jersey number rose did, injuries began to plague and ended his career at an early age.

4. Baron Davis -

When he began his career he was an explosive point guard, but injuries also affected his game and he somewhat lost part of his form way back 2000-2004 and the time when he was a Golden state warrior. Currently he is trying to be more aggressive so that his team will make to the play offs.

5. Tracy Macgrady -

The two time scoring champ is not exempted, T-mac's career as been plague by injuries and so far it seems he has not regained the elite status that he used to be.

6. Allen Iverson -

When he was in Detroit he wore the number and found himself in an injury status. He's knees keep on hurting his game and now he is no longer in the NBA.

7. Steve Francis -

He somehow has the same dilemma as what A.I is experiencing. When he was in New York, He wore the same number and end up having bad injuries.

I am not saying a superstar that wears the jersey no.1 is cursed, but lately for the past 20 years, there are coincidences that Elite players who wear this Jersey number, end up having bad injuries that slowed their careers down and some of this unfortunate players even lost their way to the NBA.

All the players mentioned at one point in their life were the Top Dogs in their position. Unfortunately some of them did not make it back to their elite status.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Melo Drama - The Team He Should Go To

Carmelo Anthony, one of the superstars of the NBA recently is on the media and internet buzz. Trade talks between Denver, New Jersey and Detroit has been buzzing the basketball world and until now the deal has not yet been done.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov declares the deal is off since for him he feels the Melo trade took a long time to take place and he feels that the superstar himself is not interested.

Carmelo, has been critizes by sports analysts to be a one dimensional player and has not reached the Elite status such as Wade, Kobe and Lebron has. He has also been criticized that he lacks the defensive ability and considered to be an offensive player rather than a balanced offensive and defensive player.

But despite the criticisms, Melo is really a good Nba player. At 26 he is one of the most successful players out there in the league who could take crucial shots and carry a team in his shoulders. But like any other players, they tend to look at their future. Players today are more concerned about winning championships rather than taking a large chunks of money, in this case this is a good sign because this is what basket ball is all about.

But should he transfer to another team, the best team he could probably land where he's special abilities are needed, a team never had an explosive SF/G in their roster. A team that has consistently made it's way in the playoffs but lacks that IT factor, "the Utah Jazz".

I'm not a Utah jazz fan, but base on their history since they had Sloan as their coach, in their defensive and offensive pick and roll strategy, they never had the likes of Wade, Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Melo as their small forward/guard.

Yes, they had hall of famers , Karl Malone and John Stockton, they even had the sharp shooter Jeff Hornacek , but if you look closely, the team they had 13- 14 years ago and the team they have right now or even last year, are almost identical.

They had Boozer an explosive power forward who filled the shoes of Malone, D- Will who filled the shoes of Stockton, their team had it all except for that one slasher who could have led them to another NBA finals.

Currently the Jazz are doing great without Boozer. But still, they are not considerably an elite team unless they have added the likes of Melo to their team.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let the Man Be The Man

Detroit was supposedly considered an elite team when the season started, however their record shows the opposite of what the fans expected. A record of 15 wins and 26 losses, this was not what Detroit fans expected them to be in.

But for the past 3 games, their has been a coaching adjustment, because of this adjustment they have won the last 3 games destroying teams like, TOR, SAC and DAL. The biggest reason for this win is that they let T-mac start the point guard role.

T-mac, in the past years, even at his prime brings the ball whenever they are in the offensive position. When he was in Orlando and Houston, there were top point guards who could bring the ball, but he chose to do this, why? it is because this is how he plays the game.

Mcgrady's current team completely forgot his potential capabilities, yes he has been injured the past 2 years, yes, he has a history of authorization conflicts, but have they forgotten that he is just 31 years old?

At 31, i strongly believe they are still at their prime, so why not give him the ball? why not let him be the go to guy again? Is it because he had knee problems that is why they think he is incapable of reaching the elite status again?

Their a many good P/Sg guards surrounding Mcgrady's position, if he plays the 2 guard he has to share his playing time with RIP or B Gordon, if he is at point guard, he faces the promising R. Stuckey and the elusive Bynum. But none of them led a team 22 strait wins, none of them was a two time scoring champ and a regular all star, so why is it that he isn't the go to guy right now?

Soon there will be a roster overhaul as soon as the Melo trade takes off, but for now, their coaching staff must think and remember that they have an elite player that needs to shine again.